Website Design Portfolio

Below are some sample of website design work done in the past.


Website Design
Roba Yakitori

Website Development for Roba. Roba is a fast-casual Japanese dining restaurant based in Indonesia.
Website Design

Website redevelopment to incorporate the new Pancious rebranding image.
Bakery Website Design
Le Pink Bakery

Website & Brand Identity design for Le Pink Bakery.

Fine Lighting & Furniture Website Design

Website design for Lightology Fine Lighting & Furniture
Luxury Safe Website Design
Celebrities Jewellery

Website design for Celebrities Jewellery

Website Design
Smart IT

Website redesign for Smart IT

Luxury Safe Website Design
Beli Amazon

Website design for Beli Amazon

Luxury Safe Website Design
SS Utama

Website design for Vulcanised Shoes Manufacturer

Luxury Safe Website Design

Website design for BillStone Luxury Safes

Photography Website Design
VotoMojo Photography

VotoMojo Photography website redesign
Website Design
Falcon Bricks

Website design for Falcon Bricks, light weight concrete
Ski Lodge Website Design
Corroboree Ski Lodge

Website design for Corroboree Ski Lodge, a family friendly snow accomodation in Perisher Valley.
Web apps Website Design

Website design for PARts, a complete product to vehicle application data management solution for manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers.
Website Design

SMS AIR is a tool from mobile phone to a website that aims to help improve the sharing of information about water-related issues (such as health issues, equitable access, lack of water) and support open communication and supervision of water supply services in currently 2 cities in Indonesia. This is used by citizens, CSO, government agencies, water service providers.
Website Design

Binawarga is service agency with mission to nurture the congregation so they can perform well in ministerial duties. Binawarga provides services in tranings, book publishing & guesthouses.
Website Design

Website design & development for TouchPapua, the common platform to share & improves lifes of the Papuans.
Website Design is Indonesia online culinary website. provides visitors with exciting culinary experiences and updated dining guide. Its mission is to become the most authentic culinary website in Indonesia, providing visitors with independent and witty reviews
Website Design
Xi Men Ding

Website Design & Development for Xi Men Ding Indonesia. A Restaurant that delivers the authentic Taiwanese favourite cuisine.
Website Design
Pho Chu The

Website Design & Development for Pho Chu The. A vietnamese noodle soup restaurant in victoria street, Melbourne, Australia.
Website Design
Sip N See

Website Design & Development for VOIP service provider in Europe.
Website Design
Pinky Peach

Website Design & Development for Pinky Peach, an online shop based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Pinky Peach sells authentic & original cosmetic brands from South Korea.
Website Design
Best Rental

Website Design & Development for Car Rental Company
Website Design
Total Prime

Website Design for Total Prime Engineering (Sealing Industry).
Website Design
Tarra Group

Website design for Tarra Group, Indonesia's leading consumer entertainment and multi-media group specializing in audio/video product innovation, licensing, distribution, retail network and rental chain store (PSD)
Website Design
Candle, Catz & Platinum Records

Website Design for Music Records (PSD)

Blessing Music Website Design
Blessing Music

Website Design for Blessing Music (PSD)

Cafe Website Design
Barking Bean

Website Design for Barking Bean "Coffee 'n Soul", a café within Disc Tarra as a place for browsing, listening to music, viewing a video at leisure while enjoying a variety of beverages. (PSD)
Job Website

Website Design & Development for an Indonesian employment market for sourcing reliable and credible independent workers
Online Shop Website design
Gudang Solusi

Website Design for Gudang Solusi, an online shop where everyone could buy and sell (PSD)
Fashion Website design
Giselle Colletion

Website Design for Giselle Collection (PSD)
Photographer Website design

Website Design for VotoMojo, a Wedding Photography Service.
Frozen Yoghurt Website design

Website Design for Cacao Green, the sister brand of Red Mango International, the pioneer of the healthy and all-natural varieties of non-fat frozen yogurt which has more than 300 locations worldwide.
Graphic User Interface design

TV Graphic Interface Design for Music Store

IFGF Gisi Surabaya website design
IFGF Gisi Surabaya

PSD Mockup website design for IFGF Gisi Surabaya.
Fanminder website design

PSD Mockup website design for Fanminder (US based Mobile Marketing Online Application)
Tempat Makan website design
Tempat Makan

PSD Mockup website design for Tempat Makan (The-Go-To community site where people socialize with one another about places with food)

Teguh Setia website design
Teguh Setia

Catalogue website for CV. Teguh Setia (Bolt & Nut Specialist) with custom content management system back end.
website design

Information website for Verile Skin (Acne Gel & Face Wash product) with custom content management system back end. Featuring their TV ad with Flash video player on the front end.
website design

Information website for Heel-Soft (cracked heel cream product) with custom content management system back end.
Featuring their TV ad with Flash video player on the front end.
Pancious website design

We have been re-commissioned to redesign Pancious website so they could easily get in touch and share updates with its expanding & loyal customers. With its simple new look and content oriented, the website is fast to load and easily accessible by their targeted customers.

Pancious fully Flash previous version website could be viewed from here.
Xpnsit webdesign
Xpnsit Website Design

Xpnsit is a new Australian site and mobile application to track and manage expenses like cash and credit card charges that can be claimed to save tax. The site is currently in development.
Fortuna Real Estate Management webdesign
Fortuna Website Redesign

Website redesign for Fortuna (comprehensive sales & property management software) from Australia.
HR webdesign
HR template webdesign

Website template design for payroll and HR firm. I have comissioned to design the homepage & innerpage and provide XHTML & CSS conversion.

Brosurku web redesign

This is a new face lift that I have redesigned for brosurku website. Brosurku is an Indonesian social networking website where you could find merchant brochures from all over the city online. You could find information such as promotions, events, and others on this website.
Contacts Graphic User Interface Design
Contacts GUI Design

GUI (Graphic User Interface Design) for a contact management system.

KuminSommers web design

Website design for KuminSommers as per client request. Task involving making drupal theme & setting up some part of the website.
Terreal webtemplate redesign

The brief for this particular project is to do clean & simple minimalist web template for terreal, a company which produces roof tiles to clay wall claddings products.
Non Profit Legal Center homepage design
Non Profit Legal Center homepage design

Homepage design for T.S.Wrobel & Associates.

Moving Services New York mockup design
Moving Services New York

This is a website mockup design for Moving Services New York homepage, I was also assigned to do the inner pages

AA website mockup design
AA website mockup design

This is a website mockup homepage design

Mockup Website Design
IRS website mockup web design

Mockup website design for IRS informative website.

Mockup Website Design
Another IRS related Mockup Website Design

Another mockup website design for IRS informative website.

Unimarch Web Design

Unimarch is an independent wholesale supplier spare parts for photocopier machines from Singapore and we have designed and custom developed the content management system with Joomla.
Equestrian mockup design

This is a website mockup design for Equestrian theme website with Deep Red & White & Tan colours variation

Dunlopillo mock up design

This is a mockup website design for
Being a market leader in its industry, the aim of this design is to turn the website to be portal-like and becoming the source of information for customers whenever they need.

Hotblender website design

Hotblender is a cool website with free service that keeps track of your favorite things by making fresh blends of news, blog posts, video and reference material.
The design brief for this project is to create a simple layout with the touch of fun to its identity. I have also work on the logo for this project.

Dallas County Living Magazine mock up website design
Dallas County Living E-Magazine

Mockup design for Dallas County Living E-Magazine

Beat As one website design
Beat As One

This is a web template design for speed dating website. The brief is to create classy & modern website design with purple as the main chosen colour in contrast with its secondary colours of black & white.

Alphahost Web Design

This is a website design for Alphahost with web 2.0 style.

Website redesign for J2K.

Website design for E-Announcement board.

Swann Goldpartner

Swann Gold Partner.

Swann Security

Website redesign for Swann Security.
Swann Store

E-Commerce Store for Swann Security Products.

This is a website brochure for Airstyle Play Station Console Controller.


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